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Article Source: Women on Business

Golf is more than just a sport. The power of the dimpled ball has the ability to open doors, create connections, and close many deals. It can also be a one-way street to a road full of success.

Here are the seven top reasons that golf will forever be the ultimate business tool:

1. Face-to-Face Connections

Golf is a platform for business. The golf course can be the perfect conference room. A round of golf presents the opportunity to conduct business in a relaxed, informal setting. It can also be instrumental in forging relationships. Relationships created on the golf course can open the lines of communication and lead to potential clients or business partnerships.

2. Nature Surrounds You

Golf sets the perfect outdoor backdrop. You can enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass, the scent of the trees, the chorus of birds, and placid waters while playing golf. It’s on a golf course where you can truly appreciate nature in its most beautiful form.

3. Character Revealer

It has been said that golf brings out the best and worst in people. The game allows you to get to know your playing partners’ personalities outside of a work environment. It also allows your opponents to equally learn as much about you. Situations created on the golf course reveal how you respond to success, failure, performance under pressure, and how well you abide by the rules and ethics of the game. Many of the rules of golf apply to the business world and being successful at any endeavour.

4. Golf Forges Relationships

The golf course has been a setting for forging thousands of relationships. It also serves as a great networking resource. In business, golf is often used as a tool to establish relationships. Whether they are friendships or business relationships, the common thread is golf. Just having that shared interest alone can propel the relationship to the next level or even help you climb the corporate ladder. From a business standpoint, a good relationship created on the golf course can lead to a potential client or business partnership.

5. The Gateway to Opportunity

Golf can open the lines of communication. Golf is a conversation starter. It can provide a sense of belonging and a way to meet great people and network with other like-minded professionals. Its relevancy shows in every conversation. It’s a great way to get your name out there and get ahead in business.

6. A Game for a Lifetime

Golf is a game to be played throughout your lifetime. The game is also friendly for all ages. It’s a great place for businesspeople of all backgrounds, ages and gender to relax and have fun. Additionally, it levels the playing field with business associates and clients.

7. Advantage for Women

Statistics show that women who use “golf for business” close more deals as a result of the increased rapport and trust built with clients playing golf. So whether you’re an avid golfer or not and whether its in your resume or you have a golf photo of yourself playing visible in your office, make sure you make it known that you can play. It’s a great conversation starter and automatically establishes equality and credibility.

Business golf can present infinite opportunities. It can open doors and create relationships that can last a lifetime. Regardless of age, gender, or skill level, golf can truly pave the road to success if you know how to hone all of its benefits properly.