Connecting through the chaos

COVID-19. You just can’t escape hearing about it or seeing it flashed all over social media.
The initial fear of infection is rapidly being overtaken by a feeling of dread about the financial fallout for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

There is a silver lining, though. Because we’re small, SMEs are more adaptable than corporates and can change our business strategy overnight if necessary. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are also used to being resilient and operating under challenging conditions. It’s the nature of the game. A true entrepreneur will see opportunity in even the direst of circumstances, and the ‘new normal’ created by isolation or a shift in the working world may provide new business opportunities even if old business is lost.

It’s also important to realize that although current events may seem worrying, SMEs and entrepreneurs can form closer bonds. By sharing fears and most importantly, ideas, we can become stronger and even more resilient together. Business Reach, for example, has created a platform where everyone from entrepreneurs to business executives can connect, network and find new business opportunities. Business Reach events are held throughout the country and provide the opportunity for likeminded SMEs to find each other and form lasting business relationships.

Connect with us, and let’s sail these stormy seas together.